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My first book isn’t very well written. It is a good story but like all newbie writers I made a ton of mistakes. Not just the grammatical kind either. But it did pick up a freak following, and fans demanded a sequel. To tell the truth, I wanted to write the beginning part of the story. I had already imagined Rhys Munroe in that way to write Grey Redemption. So Redemption’s Dawn would have been far easier. I would have probably written it in the first person, as well. But, a poll on Facebook said you wanted a sequel. I am your trained typing monkey, so I wrote Redemption’s Bullet.
Redemption’s Bullet is in so many ways a better book, both in the story and in grammar than my first. I am told most writers feel this way. The difference is I know this to be true and not just feel it is. Keeping in mind the selling books and being an informative balance I have to say this was a much harder book to write. I don’t enjoy the global third person perspective in writing, and it took a ton of work not to switch tenses. It also took a lot of slaps and work by others. Jay MacDonald did a ton of editing work on the original MSS as did Cathy Antell. The digital world made this a little easier than it might have been in early times but know that without them this book would have never been finished. It also took a great deal of patience by my wife, Inga. I also want to take the time to thank my test readers for the comments and critiques to make this a better read for you the ultimate readers. Finally, I want to thank you the fans for waiting, following the blogs, tweets, Facebook post, and other social media for coming along on its creation.

This new website is being created by a very skillful team and will include all the newest security, so we all have a home to check in on. I want you to feel like this is your den, favorite chair, or sand under a palm tree. Explore, ask questions and make comments. This is as much your place as it is mine.

Grey Redemption

Grey Redemption

Grey Redemption

Colonel Simon Alexander, a famous African mercenary, languishes away in Black Beach Prison. Failing health makes an unsupported escape impossible, and the diplomatic process is failing as fast as his health. In the face of all this, a backer with deep pockets is putting a team together to get him out.

Commanding this team is none other than forty-three-year-old Rhys Munroe, a tough and cunning Grey. Composed of one black and one white Special Forces operator, the Special Operators Unit known as the Greys can go anywhere, kill everything, and disappear into the grey mist. Their combined skills are far greater than the sum of their own abilities.

Armed with massive hardware, ammunition, manpower, and a secret weapon, Munroe and his team concoct a daring master plan to free Simon. Though they are battle-hardened soldiers, they are well aware that the international mission is dangerous and could go awry at any time. But the Greys lived by one very important commandment: Thou shalt not fall.

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Four Star review

4.0 out of 5 stars

Africa As It Really Is

By Bobber on July 17, 2011

Format: Hardcover

If you've ever been "in-country", "boots on the ground" or "dry foot" in a blistering African or Middle Eastern non-democratic country (with or without weapons), if you've ever had to bribe your way out of an airport or across a border, if you've ever had all four wheels stolen off your vehicle in some red-mud jungle village or if you've ever experienced the joys of Mefloquine withdrawals-this book is for you. If you can only imagine such fun, you'll still enjoy the action. If you groove on Harry Potter or Ewoks -not so much. This first novel by an author who knows all about foreign "contracting" (maybe not so much about flying brooms) could have used some more careful editing but it's pretty hard to put down once the action starts. At the end, you'll be smugly congratulating "The Good Guys" on pulling off a good caper despite everything that modern Africa can put in their way. You'll probably want to pour a large drink and light up a fine Havana Puro too.

Redemption’s Bullet

Redemption's Bullet

Redemption's Bullet

The Canadian mercenary Rhys Munroe is chafing within his new role; “Dictator” of Equatorial Guinea. A country he has taken by force. Demonized by the press and hated by foreign governments he knows he has an expiry date and should be disappearing. For the first time in his brutal life, he is more than the man in command. Intoxicated with feeling loved and having a purpose, Rhys silences his inner predator. He finds his world shattered by a new enemy; one with tendrils entwined into his closest circles. Forced to fight alone, he realizes the biggest conspiracy is that none exists. The man who is the darkness within the shadow must do battle with the deadliest shadow of all; a secret society of elite… The New World Order.

A little more about the story. Set in the present day we meet Rhys Munroe in his Presidential home in Equatorial Guinea several months after the failed prison break and successful coup released the country from an oppressive regime. Living in paradise is not all Rhys believed it would be. He is out of sync with his world, yet happier than he has ever been. It is the life he always wanted and believed he could never have. He knows he must make a choice and chooses not to. In this delay, the decision gets made for him. The man that rises from the ash of his destroyed world is a different Rhys. “The man that stares down leopards” crosses the Rubicon of revenge, culminating in a collision with the elusive world government. In his path, he lays waste to those in his way and punishes the people who stood idle. Using today’s high-tech and the Dark Web he moves through a post Snowden security conscious world. Stalking his prey through Russia, with its still forbidden cities, and ancient Thailand on his way to America and the ultimate battle. All the while being pursued by the official police and “those that hunt the hunters.”