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Nobody (Have I told you that is my nickname?) reads the actual text on home pages. But, being readers perhaps you will. I best-put something here that is interesting. I wanted to create a site for you because you deserve it. I will attempt to balance sales and interesting stuff you might want to know. Perhaps how I got my nickname. The focus of this site is not just to sell you books. The reason I write books is not to sell them. To be clearer, it is not my motivation. Remember in English Lit class when the teacher would ask; what is the author's motivation for writing the story? I used to think obviously to sell books, make money, and buy exotic sports cars. Perhaps it is for some. Personally, I have always loved to tell a story. My Mother would say to me all the time; “why to tell the truth when a perfectly good story will sound better.” So I have been telling stories forever. I even shy away from the monikers Author, Novelist, and prefer writer, or storyteller. (caps and missing caps intentional) Telling stories is a tradition that spans many cultures, and I have enjoyed many of these different cultural incarnations. I listened to the original story, later made into the movie ‘The Ghost and the Darkness’ around a small campfire in the African veld. With the stars overhead, and lions calling in pitch dark the elder almost whispered the story to us. It was better than the movie. I write because the stories are inside my head to tell. I know people say this is a copout but, imagine for a minute a time before Facebook, Twitter, and TV. The days work is done, and it is getting dark. Children have been fed and put to bed, and you're sitting beside the cooking fire. What do you do? Make more children that you may or may not be able to feed, or listen to the storyteller? While he told you the story, you start to imagine the world he is describing and the aches in your hands start to fade. The struggle that was simple life becomes a little easier. The content of the tale may even teach you something if you’re careful. It formed a pivotal role in the world. We have forgotten that simple fact. Perhaps more correctly we have been distracted from this traditional entertainment. Entertainment that required work on your side! You had to use the area in your brain devoted to the imagination. Perhaps those of us blessed with an overactive imagination share the same gene lineage with the first old African storyteller that whispered into the night air. “When the dark death came to the Sabi river, I was just a boy…”

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